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Workshops 2018

all workshops take place at Notley Yoga Centre, Slamseys Barn, Blackley Lane, Great Notley, Essex

Tickets are non refundable (Unless another person can take the place) and a 0.50p charge is occurred due to booking fees.

All workshops are booked through Notley Yoga on this page apart from the ones showing a phone number, they can booked direct with the teacher)



Gong Puja 

All night Gong Puja at Slamseys Barn, Barley Barn, Great Notley, Essex

Breakfast is sponsored by The Natural Way health food shop and Vegan Café.

Sept 15th 20.30 to Sunday 16th 5am

Investment in yourself £60

With Gong Players Leigh, Alexis, Laura, Jurek and Pam.

The Gong Puja is a meditation ceremony and exercise in consciousness and dreaming, listening to the uninterrupted sound of several gongs during 7.5 hours.

In Buddhism, Puja (Sanskrit & Pali: pūjā) are expressions of “honor and devotional attention.”   A Gong Puja is honoring & allowing space for our being’s ability to heal

Swiss mathematician and musician Hans Cousto, who calculated the planetary frequencies used in the planetary gongs today, stated that it took 45 minutes to complete a full sound journey. Yogi Bhajan believed that the gong was the most powerful tool for healing, and that this 45-minute gong session would clear any immediate blocks.

Yogi Bhajan stated that 10 consecutive gong healings would clear most blocks so that the soul could then heal itself  He believed this would relieve the body of human suffering to deliver us to our hearts. This is the purpose of the Puja, 10 sessions in one night to deliver optimum healing.

At your our basic level, we are pure energy. Energy is never still, continuously vibrating in wavelengths and frequencies.  Each conscious thought or movement is the result of a combination of chemical reactions that resonate and produce many tones and frequencies.  The gong is the only instrument that produces tones that resonate so closely with that of our own existence and every cell in the body falls into harmony.  The gong clears the path for healing, relaxing the mind and creates a sacred space that welcomes calm into the heart.

On arrival at 8.30pm, you will be able to set your space.  Please bring anything you need to make yourself comfortable.  An inflatable camping mattress and sleeping bag or blanket is ideal.  Feel free to bring along pillows, eye mask and anything else you might like to bring to aid relaxation. We will start with some gentle movement and Mantra to find our own personal vibration.

There will be an opening ceremony, ceremonial tea sharing and we will settle down to commence the puja at 9.30pm.

There will be 4 Gong Masters taking turns in the gong space so an uninterputed flow will continue through until 5am.  During this time you are welcome to rest, sleep or meditate within the gong space.  Once the Puja has begun we would ask that there is no talking and disruption to your fellow recipients be kept to a minimum.  There will be an area in the adjacent building that you can retreat to should you wish for either refreshment or simply some time away should you want to.  We would ask you to continue the sacred silence in all areas.

At sunrise and after 7.5 hours of continuous sound the gongs will fade away and the silence, called the Shunyata, is as beautiful and healing as the gongs themselves.  On rising you will be invited to partipate in breakfast sponsored by the Natural Way Health food shop and cafe before you leave.

No experience of Puja or any belief is required to attend this event, simply bring and open heart and mind.  We would however suggest that you experience at least one group gong bath or one to one gong healing session beforehand.  Although this is not essential it will demonstrate how unique and powerful this experience is. A puja performed is often experienced as a deeply healing and life affirming event the the sonic frequencies invoke physical, emotional and spiritual clearing, cleansing and revitalising effects within the participants.

A puja is a very individual experience, each person in the room will have an experience that is quite different.  Trust that your experience will be right for you.  Powerful, profound, joyful and deeply moving, it can be a life changing event.

Booking is essential as numbers will be strictly limited.  To enable us to facilitate the Puja a payment of £60 will be required to confirm your place.

We are very lucky to have The Natural Way health food shop and Vegan café sponsor our Gong Puja. They will be supplying some healthy breakfast and Yogi teas for us after we have been immersed in the Puja for eight hours. Its going to be a very special night.
We can thoroughly recommend the shop and we regularly eat at the café and feel so grateful that we have a Vegan café in Braintree! Lauren and Richard are very knowledgeable and are always happy to help if you have any question about your health.

” The Natural Way is an independent family run health food shop and a Vegan cafe. We have been in the town for over 30 years. We love working alongside like minded people who strive to encourage health and wellness in everyone and look forward to working alongside Notley Yoga.
The Natural Way, 82 High Street, Braintree Cm7 1JP”

Please book below

15th -16th September

Monthly Gong and Sound Bath

eve  19.30 – 20.45

day 13.30 – 14.45

Investment in yourself is £20



As everything is vibrating so are we, sometimes we can become out of tune in either mind body or spirit and dis-ease can start to take hold. Through the healing frequencies of sound therapy our bodies can be brought back in tune and we can begin to feel healthy and balanced once more. Come and feel the deep relaxation and stress relieving effects of a therapeutic Sound Bath. Using Planetary and Symphonic Gongs, Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls and other instrument’s rich harmonic frequencies you will be bathed in sound while you switch off, feeling the stresses and strains of the day melting away as peace and harmony come singing back to you.

What happens during a Sound Bath

During a Sound Bath you are taken on a sonic meditative journey . While you lie down comfortably with your eyes closed  Leigh and Alexis will play various instruments around you known for their vibratory healing frequencies. You are free to relax and drift off where the sound takes you.

How does it work?

We start with a centering breathing practise to bring us to the present moment then therapeutic instruments such as Gongs and Tibetan singing bowls stimulate the alpha and theta brain wave frequencies associated with meditative, clear and peaceful states of mind. If you have any serious health conditions whether physical/mental or emotional then please let us know so we can advise if this practise is suitable for you. If you suffer with Tinitus please let us know. please book below


Friday 13th july 19.30 – 20.45

Friday 14th  Sept 19.30 – 20.45

Friday 19th Oct 19.30 – 20.45

Friday 23rd Nov FULL MOON 19.30 – 20.45

Friday 21st Dec WINTER SOLSTICE Gong Bath

Retreat Day | From Yang to Yin

Investment in yourself £60 inc all Yoga, food and refreshments 10.15 – 17.30.

Sunday 2nd Sept 2018

A beautiful day to nourish the Body, Breath and Mind.

The great wheel is turning as we come towards the end of summer. Taking time to reflect and bring the energy inwards as we go towards the cooler part of the year. Honouring the amazing summer we have had with a more dynamic first half of the day, followed by a more restorative afternoon with Nidra and the magical sounds of the Gong.

. So, a day of two halves Yang energy in the morning followed by Yin energy in the afternoon.

As always letting go of what isn’t serving us anymore and removing obstacles as we move with the seasons. Think of the changing of seasons as time for renewal, this constant shedding as the seasons change help us to let go so we continue to grow and transform.

So why not Invest a whole day in yourself! Raising our energy and vibration with voice, asana (postures), pranayama (breath) and healing sound of the Gongs. This day will leave you feeling uplifted and ready for the coming week.

Ladies only unless coming with a partner (due to partner yoga work)



(ladies only due to working in partners. Men welcome if coming with a partner)


PRANAYAMA DAY | with Philip Xerri

for experienced students and teachers
Saturday 24th November 10.30 – 5pm
A Day of both Dynamic and Passive
practices with a special emphasis on the
HEALING POWER of Pranayama.
Included will be some profound Self-Healing Relaxation practices based on the Breath, also some Asana and Movement Sequences that aim to maximize the potential and ‘flexibility’ of the lungs

Light lunch and refreshments are provided.

Kirtan | with Robert Horwell

Saturday 14th July  6pm £18

We are very lucky to have Robert Horwell from Grateful Gong and Retreats come and visit us for this evening of Kirtan. After experiencing a Kirtan with Robert I thought it would be wonderful if he could share it with us at the Centre. I promise this evening with lift your heart and spirit!

Kirtan is a very different kind of music.  Based on ancient chants, it has the ability to quiet the mind if listened to with intention.  Everyone experiences kirtan differently, and it doesn’t have to be a religious experience.  You can think of it as a sing-along with a leader.  The wallah (leader) sings the mantra, and the audience sings it back.  As you sing with each other you experience a deep connection with the musicians, the other audience members and yourself.  And when the music stops, your mind is quiet.
Kirtan has roots in India, many of the songs are sung in Sanskrit. You can be completely immersed in the sound, with no words to distract the mind.  The magic of the chants can then carry you within.
Kirtan is non-denominational, the Universal language of Spirit, the song of the Soul.

Yoga and Anxiety 

Friday 21st Sept 7.30 – 9pm

This class will run once a month
21st Sept, 12th Oct and 16th Nov. £10

Yoga generally is good for Anxiety, but this class is aimed at Students and Adults who are dealing with high levels of stress and anxiety. Learning a variety of different ways to be able to deal with this in their every day lives. No experience necessary and every body is welcome.

Anxiety and stress affects most people at some point in their lives, but for an increasing number of people, chronic stress and anxiety have a debilitating affect on their day-to-day lives. Anxiety wreaks havoc on the mind and body, leaving sufferers tired, tense, fearful and completely overwhelmed.
In this Yoga for anxiety workshop we will explore practical methods to calm the mind and nervous system through gentle breathing exercises, yoga postures and guided relaxation. You will go away with the tools to help manage your anxiety at home, work, school or university.
Mel will share her personal experience of living with anxiety, and explain how her yoga practice has helped alleviate her physical anxiety symptoms (chest pain, palpitations, breathing difficulties and dizziness) as well as helping her stay relaxed in times of stress.
In this busy and hectic world where we are permanently “switched on”, it’s important we make time to be still, to reconnect our minds with our bodies. Through yoga and relaxation we can slow the body down, release the mind from its habitual tendencies, and rediscover comfort and calm.

Investment in your SELF is £10

21st Sept

12th Oct

16th Nov

Partner Yoga 

date to be confirmed

11.00 – 1.30pm £22 (per person)

Partner Yoga is such good fun and can be challenging at times so it requires trust. It gives you the chance to let someone receive your weight and to fully let go. It can awaken an inner oasis of deep peace, where we relate with another, and with our-self, through trust and stability. We can gain more strength, balance, endurance, elasticity and fluidity by allowing another person to guide us deeper into our individual possibilities, we often reach new realms of openness and softness. When working together you may find it can help you increase your flexibility in a pose like forward fold or help stabilise your balance and act as a counter-weight for one-legged standing poses like tree. We can also learn so much by assisting our partner.

Incorporating partner work and some thai Yoga massage techniques it will leave you feeling physically, energetically and mentally very relaxed.

Appropriate for all ranges of experience, and all relationships from friends to partners, and children  You can come together or partner up with someone when you get here.

(Open to men and woman as couples but only to woman if your coming alone as it may not be appropriate for some ladies partnering a man they don’t know)

Restorative Yoga and Gong/Sound Bath

Sunday 4th November 14.00 – 17.00  £30

We begin with some gentle Restorative Yoga postures, Vocal toning and breathing in order to open up the body ready to receive the sounds of the Gong and other musical instruments. Led by Leigh we will embark on a mystical, deeply meditative journey. The Gong bathes the entire body in powerful sound vibrations or tones, which can affect you at an energetic and cellular level. When the gong is played with intention profound healing can occur. A gong bath is a very relaxing experience and can be very effective in dealing with stress, creating a sense of wellbeing and peace. Participants often receive clarity about issues they are experiencing and the new wave of energy a gong bath produces can create positive change on all levels

Slows Down the Pace of Life

Restorative yoga is an excellent opportunity to disconnect from the frenetic activity of daily life and let your speedometer return to 0 mph. It offers a welcome respite among all the turbulence of life and helps to prepare the mind and body for the inward stroke of meditation and deepened awareness. Moving slowly through the poses allows you to explore your mind and body at a steady and natural tempo. Using props eg Bolsters, blocks, blankets and sand bags we will marinade in each posture for at least five minutes, allowing the body and mind to surrender.

Soothing to the Nervous System

The slower pace and deep breathing that you get in a restorative yoga class triggers the parasympathetic nervous system from the very first pose. This activation helps to mitigate the effects of the regular fight-or-flight stress response that can be damaging to your physiology and well-being. The overall calming effect on the nervous system sets a deeply relaxing tone for the class that comforts your whole being

We begin with some Vocal Toning and breathing followed by a deeply relaxing Restorative class. This will open up the body ready to receive the sounds of the Gong and other musical instruments. Led by Leigh we will embark on a mystical, deeply meditative journey. The Gong bathes the entire body in powerful sound vibrations or tones, which can affect you at an energetic and cellular level. When the gong is played with intention profound healing can occur. A gong bath is a very relaxing experience and can be very effective in dealing with stress, creating a sense of wellbeing and peace. Participants often receive clarity about issues they are experiencing and the new wave of energy a gong bath produces can create positive change on all levels.


Two and half hours of Yoga followed by a soothing 30 mins of Gong. Only 12 spaces available due to amount of equipment required

Saturday 20th Jan 18.00 – 21.00

Yin Yoga

Saturday 22nd Sept 19.30 – 21.30  £18

Yin Yoga postures are held for longer (up to 3 -5 mins) with emphasis on connective tissues rather than muscles. When holding the posture for longer we work on the deep tissues/fascia allowing energy to be freed up in the body. Mainly floor based postures are used in this style of Yoga. Yin Yoga is for you if you are tired, over-stimulated, when your energy is too erratic, your mind overactive, whether you are craving for energy or you feel you have too much of it. We tend to live in a busy world on computers/phones/laptops etc, The mind gets used to that amount of information and starts to crave stimuli if it gets quiet. So you end up browsing, looking for stuff, it doesn’t matter what as long as you fill the gaps. Gaps we really should allow to stay empty to find some sort of down time – for the mind to stop and for you to just be. So give yourself a couple of hours to just ‘be’ in the body…

Please book below

Yoga Nidra

Friday 6th July 18


Yoga nidra, or yogic sleep as it is commonly known, is an immensely powerful meditation technique, and one of the easiest yoga practices to develop and maintain. While the practitioner rests comfortably in savasana, this systematic meditation takes you through the pancha maya kosha (five layers of self), leaving you with a sense of wholeness. No longer do you have to dread spending hours sitting on the floor waiting for Yoga nidra can serve as a pathway to freedom without creating bodily stress.

A samskara (mental groove) is formed by a repetitive thought or habit that is deepened in the mind and body, creating a mental impression (groove) over time. These impressions can cause negative reactions and emotions which prevent a unification of the five layers (koshas) of one’s self. If these negative emotions continue to plague you, the mental/emotional layer of the self is unable to integrate with the other layers: physical, energetic, higher wisdom, and bliss body. This is where yoga nidra can be especially helpful.
A samskara can be used as an intention within the yoga nidra practice. You might come into the practice knowing what you would like to work on. The intention, often prompted by the teacher, is then set at the beginning of the practice. When a samskara then arises during the practice, you may touch upon the feelings that arise, and then allow yourself to experience these feelings more and more. By working with this method (and feeling secure throughout the journey), with each subsequent practice you move deeper into a samskara, are better able to understand your reaction, and then ultimately can allow the samskara to release into the ocean of consciousness. At that point, it is no longer a deep impression. You are liberated from the samskara!

Yoga nidra is an accessible meditation practice that focuses on cultivating multiple levels of well-being. Practiced with consistency and awareness, you may likely discover that you can find a good amount of peace in a short period of time.liberation.



Please book below

Friday 6th July 19.00 – 21.00

Autumn Equinox Sunday Chillout

Finding Balance at the Equinox

Autumn Equinox 23rd Sept and 28th October

16.00 – 19.00 £30

Autumn Equinox (also known as Mabon or Harvest) is celebrated when day and night are of equal duration before the descent towards the darker months of the year and is the final festival of the season of harvest.
For the moment Nature is in balance, the activity of the summer months slows down to the hibernation for the winter. Now is the time to reflect on the past season and It is also a time to recognise that the balance of the year has changed, the wheel has turned and summer is coming towards the end…

All around us, trees and plants are ending this year’s cycle of growth. Perhaps they are responding with a change in colour of the leaves, or a last burst of bloom before winter comes. So lets celebrate this Equinox with finding Balance! A physical practise to find balance in our bodies, we then give ourselves time to stop and breathe deeply, to feel the satisfaction of what has been achieved, to start to relax and let go.

So why not Invest some time for your SELF this Autumn Equinox…

Please book below

23rd Sept.

Drumming Workshops at Notley Yoga Centre

 8th Sept, 27th Oct and 10th Nov 2018 18.00 – 20.00

Whilst the emphasis on all Jambeats drum circles is fun, there is also an element of straightforward learning and this is delivered by Pete from Jambeats, an accomplished musician and teacher. He holds circles together and offers to share his love of music and drums with us all. …If you have your own drum then please bring it otherwise you can borrow one.

Drumming induces deep relaxation, lowers blood pressure, produces feelings of well-being, a release of emotional trauma and reduces stress. Stress, according to current medical research, contributes to nearly all diseases and is a primary cause of such life-threatening illnesses as heart attacks, strokes and immune system breakdowns. Chronic pain has a progressively draining effect on the quality of life.
Research suggests that drumming serves as a distraction from pain and grief. Specifically, drumming promotes the production of endorphins and endogenous opiates, the bodies own morphine-like pain killers, and can thereby help to control pain.

Community effects of Drumming – Drum Circles also provide an opportunity for participants to feel connected with others and gain a sense of interpersonal support. A drum circle provides an opportunity to connect with your own spirit at a deeper level. Group drumming alleviates self-centeredness, isolation and alienation. There are great benefits to feeling connected to others, especially those in similar situations. Specific studies show: Creates a sense of connectedness with self and others. Helps us experience being in resonance with the natural rhythms of life and provides a medium for individual self-realization

I Personally find drumming exciting and uplifting, you dont have to have any experience to join this workshop. and no rhythm is necessary!



Sat 8th Sept

Saturday 27th Oct 18.00 – 20.00

Saturday 10th Nov 18.00 – 20.00

Teaching Yoga In Mental Health 

with Ellen Lee

27th October 12.30 – 17.30

£45 (inc refreshments)

TEACHING YOGA IN MENTAL HEALTH for Teachers, teachers in training and serious students.

A CPD workshop with Ellen Lee. Ellen will share her 24 year experience of teaching Yoga in the mental health environment.
The workshop will cover the following and will also allow for spontaneous enquiry…..

• The mental health environment; the hospital/clinic
• Conditions that you might meet teaching in such an environment
• Yoga practises that work well in teaching those with mental health issues
• Exploring the mind/body/emotions and how they interact, looking at various energy models from Tantra, Swara Yoga and the original work of Louise Hay
• Mental health statistics, and how they reflect our current society
• Recognising our own mental health, exploring with simple partner and group techniques

Ellen Lee has practised Yoga for some 41 years, and taught for 26 years. She trained with the Yoga For Health Foundation whose ethos was “Yoga for All”. Ellen taught Yoga for 14 years to people coping with physical and sensory disabilities, and has taught in mental health for 24 years. She also teaches general classes and trains Yoga teacher as and when it seems appropriate, usually following the “apprenticeship” way of training those who have been attending her classes for many years. Ellen is the current Chair of The Independent Yoga Network, an organisation that she is passionate about.

Wall Yoga

to be confirmed 10.30 – 1.30pm £28

From opening the body to stabilising a pose, finding strength and support at the wall. There are many ways the wall can assist you in your yoga practice. It can help you find stability in a balance and help you discover great alignment to get the most out of the pose. It can teach us how it should ‘feel’ and less about just trying to stay upright!

As many of you know, I love Wall Yoga and we often practise this in class. This workshop is going to take us a little deeper and because it three hours long we can take more time to explore each posture and delve a little deeper. Plenty of time for discussing each pose and the effects it has on you physically and mentally.

Class limited to 14 people

An uplifting three hours on a Saturday morning.

Meditation with Naseem

22nd June, 20th July, 27th July, 31st Aug, 28th Sept, 26th Oct

Fridays 19.30 – 20.45


(class must be pre booked, please pay below)

My journey with yoga started when I was 13 years old when I watched my Mother practising, which helped her asthma. She inspired me to practise. I became a fitness teacher in my 20’s and taught for many years. After attending an Ashtanga yoga workshop in my early 30’s, with encouragement from my Mother, my heart was completely taken. Soon after I found a wonderful Iyengar yoga class with a teacher I will always be grateful to. I attended her classes for more than 15 years and did one year of Iyengar Teacher Training. After being knocked down by a 4x4 in 2007 it was my yoga practice and my Buddhist practice that helped me rebuild my inner strength, realign my spine and regain the full use of my right leg again. When I attended one of Leigh’s classes I felt a deep connection with myself through movement and breath she took us through and I was re inspired. After over 20 years of practising yoga I decided to do my Teacher Training in India, the Country of my Mother and Fathers birth, and my roots. It was a deeply powerful experience.

Meeting Buddhism over 30 years ago remains a treasured gift that has taken me on a journey of the heart.

The once a month Meditation and Mindfulness, class I will be sharing with you, will embrace some Buddhist chanting, a Mantra I chant everyday. It is a mantra that uplifts, centres, opens and revives, bringing a sense of being centred and a quiet peaceful inner joy. I will take you through some gentle movement to open the heart, and bring awareness to our body. Through gentle breath you will become aware of the present moment and quiet the mind. There will be time to share experiences or ask questions if you wish.

I hope together, we can experience a beautiful journey of the heart.


Friday 22nd June

Friday 20th July

Friday 27th July

Friday 31st Aug

Wild Drumming at the Wilderness Foundation

26th May 2018 17.00 – 19.00 (weather permitting, if its raining then the workshop will be at the centre)

We are very lucky to have an area for some Wild Drumming only 5 mins from Great Notley. A beautiful space under the trees and stars to get back to our Tribal Roots. Using Djembe and Frames drums we can sit around the camp fire, be with nature and Drum….a wonderful experience and not be missed.

As you can see below our last wild drumming was absolutely amazing!!

Please book below



Workshops with Victoria Adamson

 (to book your space please email

Victoria qualified as a Sivananda yoga teacher in 1997 at the Dhanwanthari Ashram in Southern India. After gaining a Distinction in teacher-training, Victoria has taught yoga full-time in London and Essex. After further study of Scaravelli and Purna yoga and having attended Advanced level training, Victoria has combined all these disciplines to create a style of yoga that is both intense and holistic, encompassing all the traditions of Raja and Hatha yoga. Victoria has worked with many sportsmen including the Essex cricket team and professional golfers. She also works as a yoga therapist in rehabilitation clinics.

Victoria completed an initial year’s foundation course, and has since achieved post grad level, in Mahat Pranayama under the discipline of Swami Gitananda and now teaches Pranayama as a therapy to alleviate stress related symptoms.

Victoria’s teaching will guide you towards a complete anatomical understanding of each posture and a deeper spiritual awareness of the senses. The combination of improved breath control and guided meditation will contribute to an increased sense of internal and external well-being.

Saturdays 9.00 – 12.00 £30

2018  dates

January 27th – 9.00-12.00 – Detoxing through the chakras
March 3rd – 9.00-12.00 – Prana, movement and meditation
April 21st – 9.00-12.00 – Core stability and proprioception
May 19th – 9.00-12.00 – Ahimsa – loving-kindness for mind and body
July 7th – 9.00-12.00 – Vinyasa flow with pranayama

Workshop with Naseem

Awaken the Joy from Within – Saturday June 16th 



Please book directly with Naseem Telephone 07906653666 Thank you


Goddess Workshop

with Amanda and Zoe

Ostara Spring 24th March
Kali Autumn 13th Oct

A point of perfect balance on the journey through the Wheel of the Year. Night and day are of equal length and in perfect equilibrium – dark and light, masculine and feminine, inner and outer, in balance. But the year is now waxing and at this moment light defeats the dark. The natural world is coming alive, the Sun is gaining in strength and the days are becoming longer and warmer. The gentle whispered promise of Imbolc is fulfilled in the evident and abundant fertility of the Earth at Ostara. It is time for the hopes of Imbolc to become action. The energy is expansive and exuberant. It is the first day of Spring! Ostara takes its name after the Germanic goddess, Eostre/Ostara, who was traditionally honoured i…n the month of April with festivals to celebrate fertility, renewal and re-birth. It was from Eostre that the Christian celebration of Easter evolved, and indeed the naming of the hormone Eostrogen, essential to women’s fertility.

SPRING WORKSHOP will working with Charlotte from Astara Dance & Theatre School who will be doing goddess dancing!

The Inner Goddess Dance Class has been created using a mixture of self discovery, spiritual and dance exercises, with the following themes in mind…

💗 Finding freedom
💗 Improving self confidence
💗 Learning how to love our physical body
💗 Tapping into our own creativity
💗 Being present & conscious of our emotions
💗 How to feel more empowered
💗 Allowing our divine feminine energy to flow
💗 Sexy Sensual Soulful
💗 Self care
💗 Sisterhood
💗 Gaining more confidence in our dance ability
💗 Spiritual development
💗 Unleashing the Goddess within

We share our truths through speech and dance. We are not focussing on dance ability in this class. What we are doing is using movement to music, as an amazing tool to improve YOUR self confidence. This class has been designed for women who desire to wake up each day embracing who they truly are, having discovered their “Inner Goddess”… their inner power.

• Are you constantly putting yourself on hold to serve the needs of others first?
• Do you currently look in the mirror and think negative thoughts about the way you appear?
• Do you want more joy and happiness in your life?
• Secretly, or openly, do you love to dance and want to dance more!?
• Would you like to develop spiritually?

If you have answered YES 🙋🏼 to any of the above questions then The Inner Goddess Class could really be a positive thing to try.
Dress code: Chose an outfit that makes you feel feminine and free to move… something that you feel really comfortable in whether that’s a dress or a tracksuit! The beauty of life is that we are all so unique so be yourself. We will mainly be in bare feet but please bring with you one pair of heels and a bottle of water!

I look forward to creating and sharing an empowering experience with you.

Lots of love ❤

Also we will be offering healing of mind, body, heart, soul and spirit using Meditation, Massage, & Reiki healing

Express your inner Goddess with Creativity, Sacred Ceremony, Card Readings, Dancing & Singing.

Plus enjoy eating raw sacred chocolate treats which all goddesses love!

Booking is essential. Tickets are £25 per person.
This includes refreshments.

TO BOOK – please pay here
Ref spring goddess

Amanda Crossley
Tel: 07999211549

We look forward to seeing you there….
Amanda , Anna & Holly x

Contact Me:

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Pelvic Floor Workshop with Yolande 

Saturday 24th February 11.00 – 13.00

Please contact Yolande directly to book a space, details below






Saturday Sangha (community, sharing).
Slow down, soften, release, restore! with Sue Cumming.

11th August 10 – 12.15pm £18

A slow paced workshop ideally suited to the hot weather we’re enjoying! We’ll be focusing on fewer postures but holding for longer whilst supported by bolsters and blankets allowing us to relax fully into postures using as little physical effort as possible. This restorative yoga is designed to cool us down, calm the mind, release tension from our bodies and develop inner awareness helping us re-connect with ourselves.

Beginning our practice with relaxation and a soothing breathing pattern, we’ll gradually loosen our bodies with a gentle standing sequence before returning to the floor for the nurturing, restorative postures. We end our class with a guided yoga nidra – a meditative relaxation technique to bring a sense of peaceful well-being.

Allow yourself time to slow down and find inner stillness in body, mind and spirit.

Please contact Sue 07811 579 209