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Introduction to Gongs 

27th October 2019 10.30 – 17.30

Would you like to Embark on a Personal Journey with Sound and learn to play the Gongs in a beautiful environment with dedicated Sound Practitioners Leigh and Lexi.

This workshop will enable you to experience the Gongs first hand and be able to introduce them into your everyday life and home.
Designed for the absolute beginner and no previous experience is necessary.
This workshop is primarily for personal practise a full practitioners course will follow soon. 

-Free flowing workshop bespoke to the group and their experience.
-Learn basic principles of Gong playing, its benefits and how to use sound constructively in your life.
-Plenty of hands on participation with Gongs and other instruments.

Investment in yourself £125

If you would like any further info please contact Leigh at or Lex at

or book your space below.

Nikki Slade | Freeing the Inner Voice 

Sun 24th Nov 2019 10.30am – 4.30pm £70

Nikki will be leading a day workshop to help us free the inner voice to help us with our own voice work and teachings.

Nikki has been working with chanting and sound as a tool for transformation for 25+ years and it’s one of the most powerful ways to bypass the mind, open your heart and start living your true purpose. It gives you instant access into what I call “the sacred chord”- your inner voice.

Open your heart and plug into your vocal power through the yoga of sound and unwind on the weekend. Kirtan (chanting) does for your insides what a yoga asana class does for your physical body. It is an excellent way for releasing the inner pressure that builds up from our hectic daily schedules. When we chant, we dissolve blockages and stress through the vibrations of the sound. You will leave feeling free, energized , uplifted and joyful for the weekend ahead.


Teaching Yoga In Mental Health
with Ellen Lee

27th October 12.30 – 17.30
£45 (inc refreshments)

TEACHING YOGA IN MENTAL HEALTH for Teachers, teachers in training and serious students.
A CPD workshop with Ellen Lee. Ellen will share her 24 year experience of teaching Yoga in the mental health environment.
The workshop will cover the following and will also allow for spontaneous enquiry…..
• The mental health environment; the hospital/clinic
• Conditions that you might meet teaching in such an environment
• Yoga practises that work well in teaching those with mental health issues
• Exploring the mind/body/emotions and how they interact, looking at various energy models from Tantra, Swara Yoga and the original work of Louise Hay
• Mental health statistics, and how they reflect our current society
• Recognising our own mental health, exploring with simple partner and group techniques
Ellen Lee has practised Yoga for some 41 years, and taught for 26 years. She trained with the Yoga For Health Foundation whose ethos was “Yoga for All”. Ellen taught Yoga for 14 years to people coping with physical and sensory disabilities, and has taught in mental health for 24 years. She also teaches general classes and trains Yoga teacher as and when it seems appropriate, usually following the “apprenticeship” way of training those who have been attending her classes for many years. Ellen is the current Chair of The Independent Yoga Network, an organisation that she is passionate about.