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Sound Meditation

Sound Inspired Meditation Class

11.00 – 12.00 at Notley Yoga Centre

 Investment – £5 per class

Exploring a combination of different techniques including, Gentle Movement, Breathing techniques, Yoga Nidra, Moving Meditation, Concentration and Mindfulness to help us be more in the ‘now’ and give us a sense of peace in Body and Mind. These simple techniques can help us induce the Relaxation Response which can have great benefits for your health and well being.

We will also use the healing quality’s of ‘Sound ‘ to help us tune out of the everyday noise and tune into the vibrations of the Gong, Crystal Singing Bowls, Tongue Drum and Chimes….each of the tuned instruments vibrates us on a different level…all you have to do is lay back and absorb the sound allowing the feelings of stress and tension melting away as peace and harmony come singing back to you.

• lower blood pressure
• improved blood circulation
• lower heart rate
• slower respiratory rate
• less anxiety
• more feelings of well-being
• less stress
• deeper relaxation

Leigh seated